Our names are Steve and Anne and we just love to travel. We have a passion to discover more of the world, get to know other cultures out there and see the highest mountains. That’s why, this year, we are going on a journey to explore the world and we are happy to give you a sample of our favorite destinations, our budget-tips and our most beautiful pictures… We both love to bake and cook and while we’re at it, to sample from our creativity. Traveling is not very different from that. You need to make preparations, all the ingredients must come together nicely, and the flavors of a new culture can be tasted. Welcome to World Samplers, where we sample the world and let you join in the fun!

Both of us have obtained a Master’s Degree in Summer 2016. Steve did GEO-IT and he’s good in programming and making websites where maps play a role. Good to know: He ‘speaks’ at least 5 computer languages… Anne is educational designer and likes to teach. She also enjoys designing education by making e-learning modules for example. Her mind is more than creative, and she’s absolutely addicted to tea.We both like cooking, meeting new people and going on adventure!

…our travels

For over a year now we’ve been thinking about traveling for a time after our study. We began to make wild plans about what we wanted to see and do during such a year. In the last months of studying, we finally made the decision: we would go on a journey, the journey would last a year, we would visit four continents and lots of mountain ranges (mountains are our absolute favorite) and we would have great fun! The planning and arranging began. August 2016 was picked as the month in which we would clear out of our apartment, say goodbye to family and friends, book a single flight to Toronto, and pack and repack our bags till everything fits. On the 26th of August our plane took off!

So far, this journey has brought us many great moments. After a weekend in Toronto we traveled to Niagara Falls to housesit there for a week. Then we traveled across Canada; we obviously took a lot of time for the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful National Parks there.We also visited Tofino on Vancouver Island; an absolute must-see. After all that, we figured that it was time for some rest, so we applied for a 3-week housesit in Blaine, Washington, a beautiful setting at the coast. After three weeks of rest we went on a three-week road trip through western USA. We tried to visit as many National Parks as possible, to see the most beautiful mountains and make the most challenging hikes. And we succeeded splendidly, we enjoyed fully! Our next destination was Trinidad and Tobago; two Caribbean islands.There we learnt that the rainforest is beautiful (especially when it rains), that cocoa beans do not grow as coffee beans, that you can produce more sweat than you ever thought possible and that there really are countries where it’s warm every day (even the seawater is warm there).

So what now? Coming up is a new adventure in our 2nd continent: South America. The plan is to go to Ecuador (including Galapagos), Peru and Bolivia. We will keep you informed!

…our website

We are happy to give you a sample of our most interesting travel stories, beautiful pictures, best budget travel tips and favorite destinations on this website. Our website consists of three parts which we will shortly describe below.

On this page you can find the countries which we have traveled through. In these countries we have seen beautiful towns, climbed mountains, visited National Parks and experienced many adventures.
Read through it and you’ll also find our favorite destinations and activities for each country plus tips for finding accommodation, transport and food for each specific place.

Budget travel tips
The name probably says it all.
Here you will find all the possible tips to travel on a small budget, from the preparations to accommodation during the trip, and from cheap transport to the tastiest foods.

Here you will find our own travel stories and photos.
Under the heading ‘Travel Stories’ you can find our blog-posts where we tell about our adventures and experiences. ‘Sam’s Samples’ is the page where you can read our day-to-day stories and admire the accompanying photos.

We decided to develop this website using SiteGround. This fantastic site offers bloggers a platform on which you can build your very own site, while also using various other platforms such as WordPress. A huge advantage of SiteGround, is that you can transfer an existing site to their servers. They had the job fixed within 10 minutes.

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