A photographers blog (2)

A photographers blog (2)

Spending time on one of the most beautiful islands of the world is something you cannot describe in words. Some beauty just begs to be shown. In photo’s for example. Although they never ever tell you the true story, they at least show you what a camera (in our case of a smartphone) sees. And that is still way more than words can tell. Therefore we decided it is time for a second photographers blog. This time it’s Anne’s turn to show her best pictures of our five months on the South Island of New-Zealand.

The photo’s are all taken with a smartphone (we don’t have a camera) and this time the photo’s are divided into 5 different categories; Reflections, People, Animal, Nature and Sunsets.


I love perfectionism. Well, I know it’s not always that good and that it has some disadvantages, but sometimes, if I feel I can make something as perfect as possible I am striving for it. That’s also the reason why, while traveling, I fell in love with making reflection photos. Reflections are one of those things that can be made perfect. You mustn’t be afraid of setting your alarm clock at an early hour, you absolutely need a bit of patience and of course the perfect location (or sometimes you need it more than once)… And there you go!


Wow, this is by far the most difficult selection to make. The South-Island is pure nature, so showing nature shouldn’t be that difficult. The thing is that I want to select pictures that are worth showing. Pictures with a story.  A story of patience, of life, of exceptionalism, of struggles, of beauty. The selection shown below is chosen on these criteria. It’s for you to find out which criteria is used on every photo… (note: it can be more than one criteria :))


The South-Island is well known for its beautiful birds and other animals. Some of these animals only live on the South-Island. Like the Kiwi, one of the rarest animals in the world and only active at night. Although we never spotted the kiwi, we heard them sometimes at nighttime. Nevertheless we were lucky to see some other rare animals while traveling around: The mischievous Kea (they are so beautiful under the wings, but so difficult to catch with a camera!), this beautiful thief is well known for its destruction of human possessions and the stealing of food. The almost extinct Tekaho. Some dolphins swimming at Milford Sound. And with some patience the rare yellow-eyed penguin at Oamaru. We also add some pictures of playful fur seals, glowworms, and sandflies who are possibly the most horrible animals on earth. New-Zealand has strict distance requirements for those animals, so the quality can be a bit poor!


‘Its the people you meet along the way that make the experience’. This is certainly a true saying about our time on the road. And our time in New-Zealand gave us the opportunity to meet some nice people. The people we met and worked with came from all over the world and most of them we enjoyed meeting them. However it’s not only about the people we met. It’s also about the two of us. For 10 months by now we have been together 24/7. We share everything and make our decisions together. We are each others best friends  Although some of the pictures won’t win a contest they show you what it means for us to be on the road together.


On sunny days in beautiful Franz Josef Glacier, the sunsets were absolutely stunning. Sitting outside our caravan we spent the time watching the amazingly coloured sky. We even decided they belong to the best sunsets in the world. And we are happy to share them with you. Try to convince us if you think otherwise 🙂

With warm greetings from Bhaktapur, the old king town of Nepal, where internet can only be found in a luxurious cafe close to the highest Hindu temple of the world. In this cafe, absolutely perfect milk tea is being served. A pity I cannot make a reflection photo of that… 🙂


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