Kiwi times three

Kiwi times three

Having been in THE KIWI nation for a couple of weeks has learnt us a few of lessons and not in the least about kiwi’s. We happily share them in this short story. We just love being here!

Kiwi’s are mostly friendly. You have to be born here to be an official Kiwi, but this requirement does not apply to every one. Being here for a very, very long time also counts for some people. The word is absolutely not meant to be discriminating: it is actually seen as a symbol of pride if you can tell these two Dutch visitors (us) that you are ‘a real kiwi’. Kiwi’s are helpful, friendly and active people. They are also fighters for freedom (according to them NZ is already overpopulated while not even 5 million people live on a space 8 times the size of The Netherlands) and they are more than average wealthy. Above all, Kiwi’s live happily together in a diverse country.

Kiwi’s are noisy, super-cute and unbelievable shy. They live mainly on the South Island and preferably in the bush and forest. They don’t have wings and they are not able to fly, but still they are called birds. They are active during the night and their eggs are huge compared to their size. We hear them calling at night, but we haven’t spotted them yet, however we would love to. We beg you, dear Kiwi: show yourself to us at least once! You are absolutely worth it to be the representative of this lovely nation and beautiful country.

Kiwi’s are green (or gold) and super tasty. Eating his first kiwi here, Steve almost promised to never eat a kiwi again when back in Holland. Being picked unripe, shipped to Holland, left to ripen in your fruit bowl for at least 2 weeks , you will not be able to taste the real richness of the kiwi. Pay us a visit and we will give you a real kiwi experience! Unfortunately they are, like everything here, super expensive… or maybe it is just to prevent us from overeating them 🙂 It sure is great to have such a tasteful thing as your national fruit and we are more than happy to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Greetings from Franz Josef Glacier, the place where 7 meters of rain falls each year, where we can see snowy mountaintops from our backyard, where the steepest glacier in the world is just 5 km away and where the kiwi’s are friendly, calling at night and super expensive.

Bye, Anne

PS. Franz Josef Glacier is the place where we will be staying for at least the coming three months. Anyone who wants to send us post or honour us with a visit, is more than welcome (yes, please do, although rainy, it is summer :))! 

kiwi times three

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