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As I’m mostly a man of few words, let alone written words, sharing a photo-blog with you turns out to be an excellent idea. During the past few months I’ve gained some experience with taking pictures and enjoyed every minute of this new hobby. I gladly share a few of my most prized moments.

This for me is the ultimate representation of the Galapagos Islands: new land (the black volcanic rocks) erupting from within the water, wildlife, trying to make its living and a variety of vegetation sprouting up from the newly formed land

Swinging to the end of the world, with mountain ranges all around you as far as the eye can see, you’ll also always find human activity. This is the town of Baños, which has expanded over the years as more and more tourists discovered the ultimate swing.

During our 4-day stay in Lima, we had our lodgings on the 14th floor, having only one disadvantage: at set hours of the day, the lift would be out of order which resulted in taking the stairs. However, from up there, it did offer some spectacular views of the city with its 14 million inhabitants. This photo was taken at dusk.

Stairway to heaven. Staying here for the night, elevated our dreams to the skies!

Between the towering mountains surrounding Machu Picchu, which must be quite daunting for something this small, new life sprouts up between nooks and crannies in the rock.

This breathtaking sunset marks the place where the island Isla del Sol is situated, given its name by the Inca`s. Legend has it that there the sun, and together with it, the Inca nation, was born. With the setting of the sun, it returns to its birthplace where it stays the night.

This photo shows some forces of nature at work. Very early in the morning, with the sun just coming up, the steam from the geysers in Bolivia are streaming forth from within the earth. Even at 5800 m above sea level, the magma in the earth gets so close to the earth’s surface, heating up the subterranean river and producing these sun-obliterating steam clouds.

In the land where Mount Doom still occasionally erupts and where Hobbiton lies forever peaceful, this serene landscape was captured.

This beautiful girl is a real Dutchie, even in New Zealand. She was so happy to find this lovely bike that she wanted to test it out there and then. Everything during our bike ride was just perfect: the sun, the nice breeze, the clear blue skies, the waves lapping next to the bike path. It was a lovely day!




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