Our list of eight must see’s and do`s in Peru

Our list of 8 must see's and do's in Peru

Would you like to get to know South America? Then take a trip through Peru! Not only is Peru a beautiful country, it is also easy to traverse and it has many different sides to explore. The one day you can find yourself lying on the beach, the next day you’re in the middle of a desert and the day after that you can feel the snow at your feet while standing on a 5000 m high mountain. All these different landscapes offer opportunities for all kinds of fantastic activities. Below is our list of eight must see’s and do’s that you cannot afford to miss if you are going to tour through Peru:

  1. Sand-boarding in Huacachina
  2. This absolutely is a must do, and something we enjoyed thoroughly. Huacachina is a small oasis near the small town of Ica, right in the middle of the desert. Here you can combine two great activities: 1) Ride at tremendous speeds through and over the sand dunes in a wacky car: rollercoaster experience guaranteed 2) At the point of arrival, get ready to go sand-boarding on your belly from some of the highest sand dunes around! Adrenaline kick guaranteed 🙂 Read all about it here!

    Ready for take-off?

  3. Visiting a Peruvian Market
  4. Especially the markets in Cuzco and Arequipa are really recommended. Feel yourself getting lost in the exquisite colours of South-America, the delicious smoothies, the perfect smelling herbs and spices, the beautiful Alpaca sweaters. All your senses will come alive during the experience.

  5. Day trekking in the Canon del Colca
  6. The Canon del Colca is one of the world’s deepest canyons. This canyon lies near Arequipa and is nearly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to arrange a 2-day trek through the canyon by yourself. Longer treks are also possible. You’ll find the most breathtaking views and if you’re lucky, one or two huge condors might fly by 🙂 Read all about our 2-day trek through this beautiful canyon.

    Sunrise at Canyon del Colca

  7. Drinking Coca Tea
  8. This beverage, made of coca leaves (same stuff as cocaine is made from) is almost the national Peruvian beverage. It really helps against height fever (from experience we can now say that height fever really does exist….) it reduces dizziness and nauseousness and in no time you’ll feel great again! :). It costs 1 Sol/packet, lasts a month and even tastes great.

    Do you want a nice cup of tea?

  9. Climbing the Rainbow mountain
  10. The Rainbow Mountain is one of the best-kept secrets of Peru. You can admire this beautiful colourful mountain in a lengthy day tour, where most tours depart as early as 2:30 in the morning! Reaching the summit is not easy: after ascending the mountain for about 1000 meters, you reach a height of more than 5000 meters. The breathtaking views and colours make it really worth the effort!

  11. Visiting the floating islands on Lake Titicaca
  12. Lake Titicaca is the largest high-altitude lake in the world and is situated on the Peru/Bolivia border, 3800 m above sea level. It is surrounded by very high snow-covered mountain tops and quaint, characteristic little villages. Departing from one of these villages called Puno, you can visit the floating islands on the lake. On these islands, the day to day life of the Inca’s can be admired, along with their small boats made of reed.

    Traditional woman on one of the Lake Titicaca islands

  13. Sightseeing in Cuzco
  14. Cuzco is a city we both fell in love with. It’s more like a town, but the historic centre is beautiful. Many a nice shop can be found here especially in the San Blas area. There are quite a few cosy cafes where good coffee and delicious hot chocolate are being served at a good price. The cakes in Cuzco are also finger-licking good! Would you like to learn more about sightseeing in Cuzco? You can read all about it here! 🙂

    Small quaint alleys in Cuzco

  15. Seeing Machu Picchu
  16. Machu Picchu is often the main reason why travelers visit Peru. Needless to say, seeing Machu Picchu in real-life, is much more impressive than looking at this photo. Besides visiting the ancient city itself, it’s also possible to climb the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu. This gives spectacular views of the city down below. In this blog, we will be giving all our tips and handy information for visiting Machu Picchu.

Beautiful Machu Picchu

Traveling through Peru for 2-3 weeks?
Although 2-3 weeks are far too short to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer, it’s possible to cover quite a few aspects of the diverse landscapes. Here we elaborate on an itinerary covering the highlights of Peru, most of which are located in the south of Peru. Handy to start planning your journey with!

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