Making a special move

Making a special move

Although we don’t have a fixed place to stay at the moment, and we’re therefore constantly moving around, we’re making a very special move today. Not only are we changing continents (our flight to Ecuador leaves in a few hours) but at the same time we are also exchanging blogs! We are very proud of it, and we welcome you on our new English blog! (Spoiler alert: some pages are still under construction!)

Why the move: During our travels to nowhere and everywhere, we meet people all the time who want to be kept updated on our journeys and adventures. (Seeing that our previous blog was in Dutch, it was not always possible to oblige.) Also more and more people were interested in the preparations concerning a worldtrip as well as our resources and where to find them. All these questions motivated us to redesign our blog, with 3 important changes: 1) The site has a new address. 2) The site will be in English, making it possible for all concerned to follow our adventures. 3) We have extended our blog with several pages.

What has changed: Our site now consists of three sections: Inspirations, Budget Travel Tips and Destinations. Inspirations is the page where we share all our travelstories with the world. It’s divided into two parts: Travel stories contain all our blogs (also those from our old blog-site) and Sam’s Samples is a log of our day-to-day adventures. In the Destinations section you`ll find various interesting articles about the places we’ve visited. The Budget Travel Tips would be the place to find tips about budget accommodation, on trips and on enjoying your food without having an astronomical food budget!

How further: Would you like to receive updates about interesting destinations and budget travel tips, please drop your mailadres here or email us. You’ll receive 1-2 emails per month. Have fun exploring our site, but more still, we encourage you to go and explore the world yourself! It’s great fun and highly recommendable! 🙂

From a university library somewhere in Miami, where the iguanas have become our best friends, and a flight to Quito leaves shortly, we send you our greetings.


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