One of the enjoyable things in life is the existence of fruit. As Steve and I are almost addicted to all kinds of this delicious foodstuff, we were pleasantly surprised to see a peach orchard at our first housesit. I never realized that you could put peaches to use in so many different ways.

By the way, welcome to our little paradise: we are occupying a mansion, with a table tennis table, a real box bed, fresh eggs every day, two bikes (one borrowed from nice people at the church) and thousands of peaches… Well, fallen peaches which, according to the reapers, were not suitable for export. For us more than good enough. In any case, enough to feed our addiction. It’s great here!

The afore mentioned peaches which make our day joyful also have a downside. Every morning and evening as we walk through the orchard with the dogs, my heart aches at seeing so many peaches going to waste. There are many more than Steve and I can ever eat. All our neighbors have peaches and our friends and family at home are too far away. We tried to give some away, but to no avail. So the truth of the matter is, thanks to the wealthy West, where most of the people want to eat perfect fruit, so many good peaches are just rotting away. This is a sad and a very unfortunate truth…

In any case, for us it was a motivation to consider every possibility to try different recipes with peaches as an ingrediënt…

House-sitting is one of the ways that we use to travel affordably. Housesitting entails that you look after a house while the owners are elsewere. Mostly there are pets involved like a dog, cat, fish, or sometimes there’s a beautiful vegetable garden to look after and maintain. We applied for a five-day sit in St. Catherine’s where looking after two dogs, five fish, eight chickens and a rooster were part of the deal. In a few weeks time we hope to be housesitting close to the beach in Blaine, Washington. A dog named Mocha will be our companion during this time.

But first we’ll enjoy the beautifully created, rugged nature in western Canada and coming up will be a blog about life in the mountains!

From a small town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, while the Netherlands slowly wakes up, two people decide that it is time to hit the sack…


Ps. If you want to see pictures of our peaches adventures and all the other things that we are experiencing, you can find it in Sam´s Samples section.

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