Leaving home

Leaving home


It’s a hot Thursday afternoon. Our flat is stacked with boxes, cleaning supplies and packed bags. All morning we’ve been cleaning and now we believe that we are almost done. It is a bit chaotic and everything feels different than usual. It is a normal Thursday afternoon in August and everybody goes about his or her business, but still everything feels different somehow.

Looking back, we’ll call this day one of the strangest days of our life. Probably we’ll have many more such days in the coming months, but it takes getting used to! Today we realise that a year is very long, but also that time flies; that it’s crazy to say goodbye to friends and family thinking that you won`t see each other for almost a year; that each goodbye therefore leaves behind a little emptiness; that, starting from tomorrow, our house is not ours anymore; that there will certainly be some very annoying days when all we’ll want to do is return home; and that cleaning on a hot day is not such a clever idea after all…

Okay, come on! Who’ll join us in a water fight? Now that it’s still possible…

When we tell people about our travelplans, almost without exception they ask the following three questions: Where to? How do you afford it? And what about your house? All quite logical questions in themselves… By the way, the last few times that Steve and I explained our itinerary, I suddenly realized that all along I`ve been underestimating the length of time we will be travelling. I kept telling myself: we won’t be gone that long… and we’re back in no time. At last it dawned on me that a year really is longer than a normal holiday.

So, where to? Find out more about our destinations in the ‘About Us’ section under the heading ‘Our Travels’. Tomorrow (yes really, tomorrow) we`re off to Toronto, where we will be staying the weekend. Next week we’ll be looking after a beautiful house near the Niagara Falls next to Lake Ontario. From there we plan to travel to West-Canada. Meanwhile, we keep our fingers crossed for more house sits in Calgary, the Rocky’s, Vancouver or Seattle.

How are we going to survive financially? Steve unfortunately wasn`t successfull in obtaining a work visa for Canada. But that didn`t discourage us in the least and we have worked hard the past few months as well as scraping together all our savings. We trust that this will cover our expenses the first four months. On arriving in New Zealand on the 1st of January 2017, we’ll have to find a job within the first 24 hours to fund the second half of our travels. Fortunately we’ve already arranged a work visa for NZ.

During our absence two very nice and decent people are going to look after our house. That is the reason why we`ve been springcleaning in the summer!

From a lovely, sunny Netherlands, where two people are really looking forward to tomorrow and will surely, within the next half an hour, be part of a water fight…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Waaaauw SAM
    Wat een heerlijk vooruitzicht de komende tijd. Bijna een jaar lang reizen!!!
    Zelf ook een paar keer gedaan.
    En ook Nieuw-Zeeland, dat zal niet tegenvallen.
    GENIETSE. Groetjes, Meina, wie??? Vraag je moeder maar eens.

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